The Human Brain


Let’s talk about the Brain and how it works and how it affects our daily lives…..

Did you know that the human brain grows so fast that as a child reaches the age of six years old their brain is 90% complete of its adult size?

As adults we have over 60 trillion neural connections in one person, this is a huge amount and explains why we humans are capable of processing complex information very quickly.

Research says that when people learn new things they have new experiences, they will begin to make new synapses in the brain and flourish a growth of new neurons.

If you think the same thoughts every single day (80-90% of people do), your biology, neural chemistry, hormones and gene expression is equal to how you think, how you act and how you feel.  Everything will stay the same in the body and you will stay the same!

When you experience something new all 5 of your senses tune you into the environment, all that sensory information is relayed back to your brain, millions of neurons organise themselves into patterns and networks.  The limbic brain begins to make a chemical, a feeling or emotion, so when you feel abundant you know you have taught your body to understand what your mind has understood, so you have changed your mind and body in some way.  When you create that new experience over and over, you will condition your mind and body to begin to work as one (mind, body, soul).

So, get busy, learning something new, read a new book, do a daily crossword, go to a new place, take a new route to work, meditate, eat new food, learn a language, do a puzzle……get creative and make new neurons, health is wealth.

I have signed up for two new courses on brain development and advanced CBT, I have signed up for a charity swim too, I’d like new neurons after learning that after the age of 35 you’re brain loses volume at a rate of 0.2% each year.  After the age of 60, this more than doubles and the brain shrinks by 0.5% annually.  Blimey, being in my fifties now is more crucial to keep busy, keep active and creative,  I better get a swim training schedule organised.

Your thoughts can affect your brain, body, mind and life.


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