Nanny Mcmichelle is my hero

Michelle helped my eight year old daughter with hypnotherapy and reiki,  she was struggling with confidence, sleep and biting her nails.  We had run out of ideas of how to help and did not know where to turn as we are adverse to pharmaceuticals and wanted a holistic approach.

Michelle’s expertise with children was a godsend,  she was able to help my daughter regain her confidence, stop biting her nails and it is so relieving to see our child happy and carefree again, we can’t thank her enough and can’t recommend her highly enough.

Our daughter says she is like nanny mcmichelle, when she needed her she was there and now she does not need her she has gone to help other children.

Flower Power

I am a mature male who has a full time job and a lot of stress that goes with it.  I was recommended to Michelle by a friend,  she spoke to me and asked some questions about my lifestyle and then made me my own recipe of Flower Essences.  I had never heard of them so I was intrigued and a little skeptical.

I have to say I noticed a big improvement in my inner body, I had no stomach churning or nerves and anxiety like on a normal day.  I was skeptical about these essences but was pleasantly surprised and impressed by how they calmed me and did make a good difference to me.

I had a cocktail of 7 essences and I would put the drops in my water bottle daily,  I took it for the maximum 3 months recommendation,  the flower power as we call it,  definitely made a difference to me, felt very calm and will now have a bottle every year.



I have been going to Michelle’s Pilates class for nearly 2 years.  She is very welcoming in her manner, I come home feeling light in my body, my head and mood is improved too.  At the start of every session she goes through the Fundamentals, breathe, body placement and switching on the core.  We do the exercises/movements, she does a demonstration and shows us the beginner and intermediate levels and let’s us choose what we do but always encourages you to challenge yourself if she feels you can.  We have a chat, we have a laugh and sometimes go for coffee and cake.

Smoking Cessation – Feel the best I’ve felt in years

Absolutely brilliant is my feedback on the hypnotherapy, I really enjoyed the sessions.  I had hypnotherapy for smoking cessation as I have smoked for years and have wanted to stop for a long time and couldn’t.  I heard about Michelle through a friend and decided to give it a try.  I was not disappointed, she did two sessions in total, the first one lasted almost two hours and the second one was an hour long,  she also gave me an MP3 file to keep,  I have not smoked since and feel fantastic, I feel the best I have been in years. I would definitely recommend her to others who want to stop.


I have had a phobia about water as long as I can remember, it is only about deep water, I can’t remember where this phobia came from as I have had it so long. I just wanted it to stop ruling my life, it stopped me from going swimming at the gym or using the jacuzzi. I can use shallow water and wash and shower, I can drink it but I could not go in deep water, like have a bath or go swimming or do any water sports. I wanted this to stop, I know it is my behaviour and my thinking and I wanted help to address this as I planned a holiday with friends and wanted to be able to go in the sea and have fun.

I was recommended to Michelle by a friend, we had three sessions in total and I am pleased to say I had my holiday and I was able to go in the sea with my friends and have had no anxiety at all about deep water since and have been swimming at the gym too. I am so glad I took the plunge and had this hypnotherapy, it really does work.

Smoking Cessation

I came to Michelle as I wanted to stop smoking. I have smoked for over ten years and find it hard breathing now and need to stop smoking. I was recommended to her by a friend, we had a two hour session where I talked about my habit and Michelle gave me a good explanation about the psychology of addiction and information about how the brain works which helped me understand my addiction and my behaviour. I had a two hour session and she gave me an MP3 file to keep and I have not smoked since, am very happy now and feeling so much happier with my mood and have no more chest tightness.  I would recommend her hypnotherapy for anyone who wants to stop smoking.


Michelle is a miracle worker,  I am so indebted to her, my life has changed so much for the better since I had hypnotherapy with her.  I was suffering with so much anxiety that I could not focus at work, I was in a mood all the time, I was over-thinking everything, I hadn’t slept in what felt like years and then after my first session of hypnotherapy with her I slept through the night.  Being able to sleep through the night alone had such a positive affect on my mood and energy.  I didn’t like the solution focused talking part at first because I was in such a negative mood but after the first session and getting my sleep back I loved it,  I had ten sessions in total and looked forward to each weekly session.  Michelle was so professional, she was easy to speak to, had a lovely soft voice for the hypnotherapy and was very patient with me. I will forever be thankful for how she helped and recommend her hypnotherapy to everyone.


Michelle has been helping me for several weeks with anxiety and guilt issues from my past which has caused me to drink excessively. Through her online hypnotherapy sessions my mood and anxiety problems have lifted and put me in a much happier frame of mind which in turn has stopped me over drinking as a short term fix to combat this. Our sessions last about an hour where we also discussed how the brain works to deal with certain issues in life, understanding this also helps me to deal with things better and become a happier more upbeat person. I will be forever grateful to her and the help she has given me.